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  Health & Safety
  • In-house Safety induction courses - Safety awareness is fully integrated throughout our management systems and forms part of our day to day operations. Namdock is focussed on creating and enforcing safe and responsible working conditions for all employees, suppliers and clients.
  • HIV aids awareness program
  • Weekly Mobile Clinic

  • Beach clean-up campaign
  • Environmental awareness training
  • Assess environmental impact

Empowering Workers

Investing in Employee Development

Having identified the potential growth in the Fast Support and Intervention Vessel (FSIV) repair market, and the need to position itself for this growth, Namdock has entered into an exchange agreement with the Piriou Shipyard where both parties confirmed their commitment to exchange employees for training and development purposes. Namdock believes that the exposure and skills gained by this initiative would not only benefit those who participate but also would also facilitate the transfer of skills gained within its workforce.

Engage employees – Team building & Exhibitions

Regular sessions are held to promote team building within the ranks of Namdock – One Team, One Goal!
Namdock is regularly showcased locally and internationally at various industry related Exhibitions. Marine Repairs with Pride.

Employment & Training

Namdock dedicates itself to ongoing skills transfer and developing its staff. As a preferred Namibian employer, the company believes strongly in team work and working towards the common vision of offering quality marine repair services with pride. In developing the careers of its people, the company provides in-house growth opportunities and encourages participation in international skills transfer as part of its ‘best practice’.

In helping to boost the economy and development of Namibia, Namdock’s emphasis is on local job creation. The company is skills-oriented, employing staff on the basis of competency as well as diversity. It also supports and promotes the development of women in the ship repair industry and employs women in welding, management and on the shop floor.

We pride ourselves in consistently improving our skills to exceed our client’s demands by way of continuous training. In-house training is encouraged and upgrading of skills are done on a regular basis at accredited training centres.

Supporting the Community

Further to looking after its own people, Namibia Drydock and Ship Repair prides itself on giving back to the community, and as such is involved with several
on-going CSI (corporate social investment) projects, all of which aim to benefit the communities in which it operates. These include study subsidies, school projects and initiatives, sport (specifically cricket) and a staff housing programme.

Expanding Access to Sport

Namibia Drydock and Ship Repair encourages the development of sports culture at grass roots level in the surrounding, underprivileged communities of Walvis Bay, Namibia. Namdock funded cricket equipment for the Junior Coastal Cricket Academy (JCCA) academy in Kuisebmond. Namdock is also the main and only sponsor of the EBH T20 Social Cricket League since it started in 2009. This sponsorship also covers things like match balls, umpire and scorers fees.

Promoted Advanced Education

We support underprivileged children in the community by paying school fees and sending them for supplementary courses to upgrade them in various skills categories to ensure that their full potential can be realized and that they become employable in future.

Accelerate the Sharing of Best Practices by Creation of Job Attachment Programs

As a forward-thinking business, Namibia Drydock and Ship Repair aligned itself with other companies in 2012 to provide apprenticeship programmes to students from various Vocational Centres in Namibia. These programmes are in support of government efforts to develop skills through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system with the intention to successfully complete and provide industry with quality tradespersons.

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