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Namdocks stacking and preservation of the Valaris 109 rig: an active economic boost to the local economy, even while dormant
28 July 2020

Strategically located on the west coast of Africa in Walvis Bay, Namibia, Namdock is a leader in the West African ship repair market and offshore oil and gas sector, which has gained global recognition for its extensive dry dock capacities and exceptional client service - even in the face of a global pandemic, which has seen numerous oil rigs being decommissioned and a sharp decline in repair and maintenance activities accordingly.

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Staying strong in the face of Covid-19: Namdock’s message of support to the local community
08 July 2020

The local authority areas of Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Arandis, in accordance with the Namibian presidential announcement on Monday 06 July, will remain at stage 3 of the national lockdown. This is due to an unfortunate surge in the number of Covid-19 infections recently, which have increased nationally to 593 to date - with 81 percent of the most recent cases originating in the Erongo region.

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Full steam ahead for mainstay of West African ship repair: Namdock is back to business
13 May 2020

Established ship repair and wholly Namibian-owned company Namdock, strategically located on the west coast of Africa in Walvis Bay, has resumed full operations with effect from Tuesday 5 May 2020. This is in accordance with the inception of stage 2 of Namibia’s national Covid-19 lockdown, which has seen the partial easing of restrictive measures thanks to the recent flattening of the very minimal in-country infection curve.

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Namdock’s fabrication expertise helps Walvis Bay hospital get ‘ship-shape’ and ready to combat COVID-19
28 April 2020

Established Namibian ship repair company Namdock, situated in Walvis Bay on the west coast of Africa, has the health and well-being of its valued staff, community, clients and suppliers at heart during this extraordinarily challenging and uncertain time.

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Namdock brings ballast water treatment systems on board for international shipping sector
14 April 2020

Namdock, an established ship repair company strategically located on the west coast of Africa in Walvis Bay, Namibia, is leading the industry with the provision of a ballast water treatment system installation service.

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Navigating a steady course : Namdock announces Covid-19 lockdown measures

02 April 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted organisations on both a global and local scale. Astute governments, as well as public and private sector organisations worldwide, are adapting at a rapid rate to mitigate the health and economic impacts of the Novel Coronavirus. Established ship repair and wholly Namibian-owned company Namdock, strategically located on the west coast of Africa in Walvis Bay, has the health and wellbeing not only of its local and international client and supplier base, but also of the Namibian people at heart during this extraordinarily challenging and uncertain time.

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Namdock’s ‘naval offensive’ secures milestone Angolan Navy maintenance contract

08 November 2019

In September 2019, in a milestone agreement, Namdock concluded a contract to maintain and repair the vessels of the Marinha de Guerra Angolana (MGA), the Angolan Navy. According to Namdock’s Commercial and Operations Manager, Willie Esterhuyse, although the contract has been concluded, the exact date when the vessels will be arriving in Walvis Bay has not been finalised, it is anticipated that this will be early in 2020.
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Former EBH Namibia Namdock kicks off new era with superb rig repair success
26 June 2019

The years 2018 and 2019 have been strategically momentous ones for EBH Namibia. From the previous position of having South African shareholding, the company has moved to become a wholly Namibian-owned company, with 100% of the shareholding jointly held by the EBH Consortium and the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport).
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Unparalleled rig repair expertise – EBH Namibia knows the drill!
18 February 2019

In a major vote of confidence in EBH Namibia (EBHN), the global oil and gas service provider, Sapura Energy has selected the Walvis Bay company to reactivate their 15,839 ton semi-submersible, self-erecting tender-assisted drilling platform, SKD Jaya.
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EBH Namibia Media Statement
7 May 2018

The management of Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia (EBHN), together with new minority shareholder the Elgin Brown & Hamer Consortium (EBHC) has confirmed today that a share transfer agreement has been concluded. In terms thereof, 100% of the shares held in EBHN by former shareholder the DCD Group were transferred to EBHC, a group comprised of prominent Namibian business leaders.
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EBH Namibia Media Statement
26 January 2018

The management of Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia (EBHN) confirmed today that the company has entered into a further round of restructuring. EBHN staff members were initially briefed about the possibility of further restructuring on 7 December 2017. Formal notification was issued to the Office of the Labour Commissioner, the recognised Union (MMMC) and non-bargaining unit on Monday 22 January 2018. Negotiations with EBHN’s union, the MMMC, commenced on Tuesday 23 January 2018.
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EBH Namibia ‘welds’ strong country-to-country and maritime relationships with landmark repair of Angolan Fisheries’ floating dry dock
01 September 2017

30 August 2017 was a very significant date for EBH Namibia (EBHN), in that it was the day that the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries (Pescangola) floating dry dock was docked in Walvis Bay for repairs.
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Taking A Bow: EBH Namibia successfully completes leading-edge bulbous bow project
11 April 2017

When a vessel such as an oil product tanker needs to be repaired, the time taken by the shipyard to complete the project is critical, as every day that it is out of commission could potentially result in substantial lost revenue.
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West Africa's preferred shipyard EBH Namibia ‘pulls’ several firsts in successful Svitzer tug repair and maintenance projects
16 March 2017

In 2016, after two years of intensive discussions and information-gathering, EBH Namibia (EBHN), the preferred Namibian ship repairer on the West coast of Africa, won the contract to maintain and repair five tugs being operated from the port of Soyo by the international ship towage, support and emergency response company Svitzer.
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EBH Namibia moves one step closer to building the ‘inclusive Namibian house’ with the signing of developer agreement for affordable housing initiative
07 November 2016

In looking to create a stable future for both its employees and the community of Walvis Bay as a whole, leading west coast ship repair company Elgin, Brown & Hamer Namibia (EBHN) is proud to announce the next step forward in the provision of affordable housing for its employees.
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Caring is ‘in their blood’: EBH Namibia shows its true colours by responding wholeheartedly to national blood supply requirements
16 August 2016

As a responsible and caring corporate citizen, Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia is helping to ensure that the nation has enough blood. The company has offered its premises to the Namibian Blood Transfusion Services’ (NAMBTS) mobile clinic on numerous occasions over the past few years, to facilitate the voluntary donation of blood from its staff.
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EBH Namibia and MMMC union cooperation ensures minimum compulsory retrenchments with majority opting for voluntary separation
12 August 2016

In the face of a prolonged economic downturn and the need to restructure, ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia has – after nine weeks of negotiation with the Mining Metal Maritime and Construction (MMMC) union – successfully managed to reduce recent retrenchments to a minimum and ensure the bulk thereof opted for voluntary separation.
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Agreement with union marks pivotal milestone in stabilisation process to ensure future sustainability for EBH Namibia
27 July 2016

Ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia (EBHN) has announced that it has secured an agreement with the Mining, Metal, Maritime & Construction (MMMC) union, resulting in the company withdrawing its intention to embark on unilateral retrenchments.
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Ensuring future growth and sustainability in challenging times: EBH Namibia puts
strategic stabilisation plan into action

19 April 2016

Like all stakeholders in the international oil and gas industry, leading ship repair company, Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia, has been closely tracking the sliding oil price since it dropped to below US$ 80 per barrel in late 2014. In anticipation of the ‘lag effect’ of the sustained low oil price on the downstream oil and gas industry, and a very evident reduction in vessel dry docking requests, EBH Namibia took a proactive stance in March 2015 by adopting a series of stringent performance improvement plans (PIPs).
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In the same boat – EBH Namibia’s female employees riding the crest of the maritime
career wave

1 April 2016

From carpentry to procurement, welding to training – the women at Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia are working hard and having fun. Having found themselves in a tough industry, one that has been traditionally dominated by men, these women all have one thing in common: they like to stand up and be counted.
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EBH Namibia reinforces its reputation as a world-class ship repair company through global OHSAS 18001 health and safety certification
16 March 2016

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia has fulfilled its strategic objective of attaining the international OHSAS 18 001 certification, further enhancing its standing as a market leader in the ship repair sector. As such, the company has been rewarded for what has been a year of hard work and commitment during which all departments ‘pulled together’ to achieve this latest milestone.
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EBH Namibia proudly supporting sustainable development in Erongo through services & skills
21 December 2015

Ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia was a strong presence at the 9th annual Namport Erongo Business and Tourism Expo, which took place from 28 to 31 October 2015. The company embraced the opportunity to showcase its services and capabilities, its contribution to the Namibian economy in line with Vision 2030, and its focus on engaging the local community in skills development.
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On a ‘good wicket’ – EBH Namibia helps to put Walvis Bay cricket back on the national map
19 November 2015

This year, the EBH XI Coastal combined team participated in the National Premier Cricket League for the first time in four years, reaching the semi-finals and putting coastal cricket back on the map. This was a direct result of EBH Namibia’s support of the Junior Coastal Cricket Academy (JCCA) in an intensive coaching and sponsorship programme that was initiated by EBH in 2012.
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Keeping the Engines Running: EBH Namibia employees trained in engine repair by Rolls-Royce
13 October 2015

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia’s partnership with Rolls-Royce has recently been strengthened through a training opportunity which has seen four employees boost their skills in marine engine repair. The employees were chosen, along with three Rolls-Royce trainees, to undergo a training programme at Rolls-Royce’s engine factory in Bergen, Norway, from 10th August to 4th September 2015.
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EBH Namibia announces a successful conclusion of wage negotiations with employees
16 September 2015

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia has announced the signing of a new wage agreement with the company’s bargaining unit.
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‘Leaving no child behind’: EBH Namibia helps to pave the way to a better future for all Namibian children through teacher training
11 August 2015

Developing people through education is at the heart of Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia’s corporate culture, a philosophy which filters through the entire organisation and extends out into the community.
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EBH Namibia: EBH Namibia boosts safety, customer loyalty and brand value through ISO and OHSAS compliance
17 July 2015

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia is fast progressing towards its stated vision of being ‘the preferred shipyard globally’. Pivotal to the company’s growing reputation for world-class systems and facilities is its adherence to international quality and safety standards, using ISO and OHSAS systems as its benchmarks
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EBH Namibia: ‘Milestone moment’: First Panamax docking signals new era for ship repair on the west coast
22 June 2015

In October 2013, Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia launched its new Panamax-size third dock (‘Namdock 3’) in Walvis Bay. Now, the company has welcomed its first appropriately sized vessel to the new floating dock, signalling a new era in ship repair for the company and its capacity to service the international market.
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Taking care of our most vulnerable citizens – EBH Namibia steps up to help build a safe educational ‘harbour’ for children in need
30 April 2015

Ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia is committed to bringing about positive and tangible changes in the communities in which it operates, especially when it comes to those who are most vulnerable – the orphans and street children of Walvis Bay. So, when an opportunity arose to assist in supporting local non-profit welfare organisation the Promiseland Trust, EBHN embraced it, pledging significant funds towards the building of a play school.
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EBH Namibia – carving a niche while supporting local artists
27 March 2015

Proud of its national heritage, ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia is committed to supporting local artists and helping to showcase their work, especially in an international forum. Recently, the company leapt at an opportunity to do just this when it discovered the Woodcarvers’ Market in Okahandja, and decided to utilise local Namibian talent to enhance and personalise its brand.
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When the going gets tough: EBH Namibia: Providing solid support for the oil and gas industry to weather oil price ‘storm’
02 March 2015

As one of the leading contributors to the economy of Namibia, ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia, is keeping a close watch on the sliding oil price. The company is fully cognisant of the impact the downturn has already started to have and regarding the potential further severe economic impact - not only on the downstream oil and gas sector in which it operates - but on the Namibian economy as a whole.
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Water-wise for pollution prevention: EBH Namibia environmentally responsible and compliant
07 February 2015

There is heightened awareness on a global scale regarding the impact that industrial processes have on the environment, and Walvis Bay is no exception. As home to one of the most important wetlands in southern Africa, it is incumbent on all stakeholders, and particularly industries and businesses, not to endanger this fragile ecosystem in any way.
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EIA Report
10 December 2014

Environmental impact assessment report and draft proposed environmental management plan
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EBH Namibia demonstrates commitment to people development and continuous improvement with internal auditing training
20 November 2014

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and developing the careers of its people, EBH Namibia (EBHN) has facilitated the training of nine members of staff in the field of internal auditing.
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Spreading the Word: EBH Namibia Once again demonstrates its commitment to a better life for all Namibians through reading programme sponsorship
06 October 2014

Ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia has demonstrated once more its commitment to a better life for all Namibians. In line with the government’s ‘Vision 2030’, the company has made a substantial donation towards a local reading programme in order to enhance the quality of teaching and introduce children to a world of learning through books.
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EBH Namibia announces the positive conclusion and signing of wage negotiation deal with employees
28 August 2014

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia is pleased to announce the signing of its wage deal with the company’s bargaining unit, an event which marks an extremely positive conclusion to the wage negotiations.
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Supporting Vision 2030’s objective for a better quality of life for all Namibians: EBH Namibia announces an affordable housing project for its employees
20 August 2014

In 2004, the government of Namibia announced its Vision 2030 – a wide-reaching development plan which aims to make the country a prosperous, harmonious and industrialised state by 2030.
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EBH Namibia and Rolls Royce – Demonstrating the Value of a Mutually Beneficial Partnership
15 May 2014

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia has successfully positioned itself as a shipyard of choice along the west coast of Africa. One of the keys to this success has been a savvy approach to forming partnerships with both the public and the private sector locally and internationally.
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Clearly ‘jacked up’: EBH Namibia docked and repaired jack-up oil rig in a company and country first
16 April 2014

Ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia recently secured the contract to dock and repair the jack-up oil rig, Seawork 1 at the newly-acquired Panamax floating dock in Walvis Bay.
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Back to the Chalk Board - EBH Namibia builds on its in-house skills base as employer of choice
05 February 2014

Ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia, part of the DCD Marine cluster, has worked hard to become an employer of choice in Namibia. One of the ways the company has done this is through actively developing its employees, providing ideal opportunities in which to advance people’s careers.
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Turning the Tide on Trash: EBH Namibia gives the Beach a Clean Sweep
25 January 2014

For ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia, a key element in being a responsible corporate citizen is having a positive impact on the environment in which it operates. That is why the company chose to kick start 2014 with a campaign to clean up the beaches of Walvis Bay.
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Caring over Christmas: EBH Namibia Reaches out to Animals in Need
10 January 2014

For many of us, the festive season means going away and enjoying a change of pace as we spend time with loved ones. Unfortunately, this is also a time where the needs of our animals are often overlooked.
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A Big Future in Ship Repair: The Inauguration of EBH Namibia’s Third Panamax Floating Dock
25 October 2013

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia today celebrates a watershed event in the company’s history with the inauguration of its third
Panamax floating dock.
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EBH Namibia Utilises Project Bonus to Give Disadvantaged Families Assistance
14 September 2013

In striving to reach its aspirations as an astute corporate citizen in Namibia, for Walvis Bay-based ship repair company Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia, giving back to the community is as important as looking after its own employees.
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Women in the Shipping Industry: Setting Sail for Gender Empowerment with EBH Namibia
12 August 2013

Gone are the days when, in an industry such as shipping, men are working on the docks while women are tapping away on typewriters in administrative offices.While it is still true that in Namibia, women generally tend to be over-represented in clerical, service and administrative occupations, the gender distinctions within the country’s labour force are, happily, fading fast.
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Arrival of new floating dock significantly increases EBH Namibia’s ability to service local and international shipping industry
05 July 2013

Ship repair company Elgin Brown and Hamer (EBH) Namibia has announced the much-anticipated arrival of its third Panamax floating dock in the port of Walvis Bay on Friday 6 July 2013, an event which has important strategic implications not only for the company, but for the Namibian economy as a whole. Since its inception in 2006, EBH Namibia has built up a solid reputation for its capacity to offer a holistic service in all aspects of ship repair and the maintenance and repair of offshore supply vessels. With its two floating docks (Namdock 1 and Namdock 2), a consistent track record and strategic geographic location, the company has gained the competitive edge in the shipping industry on the African west coast.
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EBH Namibia makes a meaningful contribution to the Namibian economy through project of national importance
18 June 2013

Africa has always been seen by the rest of the world as a continent which offers significant wealth in terms of mineral resources. This has been the backbone of many African countries and in particular Namibia which has seen resurgence in the mining industry, after the discovery of oil and natural gas off the coast of Walvis Bay. Because of this, infrastructure development is pivotally important, not only to the national agenda but that of local businesses. Elgin Brown and Hamer (EBH) Namibia, a leading marine engineering and ship repair company based in Walvis Bay, is no exception.
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DCD Marine Cluster becomes Major Force in Ship Repair through Milestone Acquisition of EBH
24 April 2013

The DCD Group, has announced its acquisition of renowned ship repair companies Elgin Brown and Hamer (EBH) South Africa and a portion of EBH Namibia, whereby the national port authority in Namibia (‘NAMPORT’) remains the key shareholder. The deal, which has been in the pipeline since 2011, has significant implications for the DCD Marine cluster’s capacity to offer a full service to existing and new shipping clients along the entire southern African coastline, from Durban to Walvis Bay and beyond.
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EBH Namibia – empowering employees through international skills transfer
23 April 2013

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia, now part of the DCD Marine Cluster, has embarked on a skills development exchange programme with leading French ship building and ship repair company Piriou Shipyard. The initiative, part of the company’s CSI strategy, has already seen three of EBH Namibia’s welders embark on a three-month period at Piriou, where they will gain invaluable training in aluminium welding. This is with a view to the company’s growth in the Fast Support and Intervention Vessel (FSIV) repair market.
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