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Caring is ‘in their blood’: EBH Namibia shows its true colours by responding
wholeheartedly to national blood supply requirements
16 August 2016


As a responsible and caring corporate citizen, Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia is helping to ensure that the nation has enough blood. The company has offered its premises to the Namibian Blood Transfusion Services’ (NAMBTS) mobile clinic on numerous occasions over the past few years, to facilitate the voluntary donation of blood from its staff.

EBH Namibia decided to get involved again this year, in response to an urgent warning by NAMBTS that demand for blood was so critical in June this year, that the national supply would last only three days, instead of the optimum nine days.

Furthermore, in July this year, Namibia conducted a nationwide immunisation campaign, which also affected the national blood supply as recently immunised adults may not donate blood.

“No country is immune from the ongoing challenge of blood shortages - because the need for blood is so unpredictable and can be affected by many factors. At any given time, our country’s supply could be only one day away from running out,” says Hannes Uys, Chief Executive Officer of EBH Namibia.

“As a corporate citizen that is very involved in the community, EBH Namibia is able to make a tangible difference. I am happy to say that since our first blood donation clinic in November 2014, we have managed to potentially save over 340 lives to date,” Uys advises.

World Blood Donor day was celebrated on the 14th of June 2016, creating global awareness of the importance of donating blood.

The NAMBTS, a national non-profit healthcare organisation, is mandated to collect, test and issue blood products to all patients in need of blood transfusion in Namibia. The organisation has even taken to social media platforms over recent months, to stress the urgency for donations when the nation’s blood stocks run critically low.

For EBH Namibia, it is extremely important to never lose sight of its corporate social responsibilities - while ensuring that productivity and high-quality service to clients continue unabated.

According to Uys, this is even more crucial during challenging market conditions, such as those currently prevailing due to the tough financial times in the maritime sector, caused by the volatile oil price over the past two years in particular.

“It is easy to become inward-looking during times of economic downturn. However, that is when it is particularly important for us as a company to step up our role in socio-economic support and development - in our community and our country,” he comments.

“116 units of blood were collected in 2015, with a total of 348 lives potentially saved through EBH Namibia’s’ efforts; and this year the company has already contributed 104 units,” says Zita Tobin, Head: PR, Promotions and Recruitment at NamBTS.

Tobin further emphasised that EBH Namibia’s is a vital blood donation clinic, which continually performs well.

“The employees of EBH Namibia are dependable, altruistic donors. They are our local heroes, who give up their time and selflessly donate their blood,” she adds.

EBH Namibia has been awarded two Certificates of Recognition by NAMBTS: the Gold Coastal Corporate Award (2015) and the Silver Top Coastal Clinic Award (2015).

“I am proud to say that our blood donation drive has seen the numbers grow with every clinic we have held, making EBH Namibia a leading corporate donor on the coast; and a significant contributor to the country’s blood supply,” Uys concludes.

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