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EBH Namibia Media Statement
26 January 2018

The management of Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia (EBHN) confirmed today that the company has entered into a further round of restructuring. EBHN staff members were initially briefed about the possibility of further restructuring on 7 December 2017. Formal notification was issued to the Office of the Labour Commissioner, the recognised Union (MMMC) and non-bargaining unit on Monday 22 January 2018. Negotiations with EBHN’s union, the MMMC, commenced on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

In terms of this process, EBH Namibia is working closely with the MMMC, the EBH Namibia Workers Representative Committee (WRC) and the Namibian Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation Ministry (Office of the Labour Commissioner). To keep compulsory retrenchments to a minimum, early retirement and voluntary retrenchment options will be offered to all EBH Namibia employees.
Since the announcement of the original EBHN stabilisation plan in April 2016 prompted by depressed oil prices and the knock-on effect on the offshore support and ship repair sector, the company has undertaken a process of continuous evaluation of all possible steps to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the business.

Despite these measures, continuing economic pressures have required the company to further address its employment dispensation, in order to ensure continued viability going forward.

“EBHN remains committed to following due process by complying with all legislative requirements and ensuring that the restructuring is conducted with a high level of professionalism, sensitivity and fairness,” says Heritha Nankole Muyoba, Acting CEO of EBH Namibia.  

“Going forward, we will retain our unwavering focus on quality and safety, with an absolute commitment to delivering exceptional value-add
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