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EBH Namibia announces the positive conclusion and signing of wage negotiation
deal with employees
28 August 2014

Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia is pleased to announce the signing of its wage deal with the company’s bargaining unit, an event which marks an extremely positive conclusion to the wage negotiations.

The negotiations were concluded in a conciliatory and collaborative manner on 21 August 2014. The signing ceremony held on 28 August 2014 represents a significant milestone for management-employee relationships within EBH Namibia.

“As the management of EBH Namibia, we are enormously pleased to have reached such an amicable and equitable wage agreement. It is indeed a testament to our commitment to increased levels of mutual understanding and tolerance within the organisation, with a view to enhancing the ongoing reconciliation process going forward,” says Patrick Chizabulyo, HR Manager at EBH Namibia.

Bargain unit employees, in the absence of a valid recognition agreement, were represented by an interim workers’ representative committee appointed after a formal internal election process. The interim committee was mandated by the majority of EBH Namibia employees to engage with management in negotiations for the 2014 wage increases.

The subsequent wage agreement, in which differential wage increases of between 7% and 11% were granted across the board, resulted in an overall increase of 11% to the company’s monthly wage bill. The wage increase applies to (Paterson) job grades A1-C5, up to foreman level.

“The management of EBH Namibia has always aimed to be competitive in the national labour market, which is one of the reasons for our reputation as a preferred employer-of-choice in Namibia,” says Chizabulyo.

“We also place a substantial emphasis on both local job creation and skills development which we believe has helped to create a stable workforce of motivated individuals. This, in turn, has resulted in a significant growth period for the company over the past year, boosting our capacity to contribute to both the local and national economies.”

EBH Namibia embraces an operational ethos of ‘one team, one goal’ in meeting the requirements of the international shipping industry. The company aims to foster a sense of pride in its employees when it comes to offering quality marine repair services to this demanding sector.

“At EBH Namibia we emphasise the value inherent in teamwork, and working towards our common goal as the shipyard of choice on the west coast of Africa.

“The success of our 2014 wage negotiations is a shining example of the spirit of co-operation which we strive to achieve within the organisation. We are grateful to our partners in this bilateral relationship – the workers’ representative committee and all our employees - for the positive spirit in which these negotiations for wage increases were conducted,” Chizabulyo concludes.
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